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Acre Region Red Zone

4 players fight over a Threshold tower in Brazil.
Rainforests at both sides and a valley containing blue tiberium down the middle.


Sheffield Blue Zone

Based on the UK Blue Zone in the Scrin Campaign. There are tiberium patches next to each base, as well as one other and several spikes dotted around the map. Players can start in either urban areas in the west or more open areas in the east.


Yellow Sun

A Tiberian Sun themed map that focuses on tactics and manoeuvres. Several entrances to each base with areas around the map that allow balance between different playing styles. Capturable mutant hovels, tiberium spikes and an EMP control.


Yellow Twilight

Based on Red Zone Rampage, but its a Yellow Zone.
Tiberium in the centre and corners. Lots of open space a chokepoint in the middle.