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Blood Gulch / Coagulation

Set in a desert box canyon.
Includes: Two garrisonable bases, an open field with hills and ditches, caves and cliffs along the rock walls.


Blue Gold

Fighting takes place on the outskirts of the Dubai Blue Zone.
Blue tiberium in the centre and spikes in the urban area to the east.


Fairytale of New York

Set in Central Park, in the Winter. Snowy parkland surrounds the bases with urban areas at West and East sides. Passage across the reservoir on the frozen surface. Subway hub on the right, blue Tiberium on the left.



Set in Central Park, after the Scrin attacks on Blue Zones. Parkland surrounds the bases with urban areas at the sides. Centre passage through the drained reservoir. Subway hub on the right, blue Tiberium on the left.



Themed for GDI in the South and Scrin in the North, but any sides can play without this affecting strategy. 2 expansion green fields and some garrisonable buildings in the middle. Both teams start with an EMP ability.


San Francisco Red Zone

Lots of Tiberium, with some buildings to garrison. Capturable mutant hovel.


Suburbs - Blue Zone B3

Blue Zone suburban area with houses, shops and grassy fields.
There's also moving traffic!



Set in a snowy alpine valley
Includes:Two garrisonable bases, a river with hills and rocky outcroppings, passageways through the rock walls.