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Property and Buildings





Managing Land



prison Vaults

The Town Vault provides secure storage for citizens of Empyrean and can only be accessed by its owner, the Mayor or Assistants through a series of pistons, gates and iron doors. A vault room will be coded to your name only and will ensure your items will be safe from both raiders and fellow members of the town. New residents especially should use the vault until they can afford a plot of their own and have stored some building materials for it.

Prices (Drachs):

  • Vault Room with 20 Double Chests: 1,000
  • Each double chest costs 1,000 to lock (payed to the server) with /cprivate or /cpassword [*****]

prison Plots and Custom Houses

We allow you to purchase plots at your own discretion. You are allowed to do anything you want with that 16x16 chunk of land, but please keep the surface structure inkeeping with the architecture of the town. Do not build Nether Portals.

At first you will be given a free room in the keep, which has a bed, some chests and a crafting table. You cannot edit blocks in these rooms as they are owned by the town. Pre-built houses serve as examples for builders to follow and easy housing for people who don't want to build their own. Owners of these should not alter the outside of the house, but you may change the interior and basement.

Prices (Drachs):

  • Temporary room: Free
  • Standard Abode: 10,000
  • Luxury House: 15,000
  • Empty Plot: 20,000

Plot Tax is: 1,000 per plot owned (Excludes temporary rooms because they are unowned).


prison Embassies

The same basic property rules apply to embassies, except these plots are reserved for ambassadors from other towns:

We enourage our allies to build their embassies in a style that reflects their home town's architecture or theme.


Empyrean's architecture can be generally described as 'Fantasy Medieval'. The city is based on varius Pre-Romanesque styles, primarily Carolingian architecture but also incorporporating Anglo-Saxon, Norse, English and some early Brick Gothic influences.



General Ideas:

  • Sloped roofs red, brown or grey in colour brickbrickbrick
  • Light wood or white (wool, snow) upper wallsbrick brickbrick
  • Stone or darker foundations and ground floor walls brickbrick



Managing Land and Security


prison Your Home

For some players the 16x16 plot can limit the detail you can add, for others it is hard to get enough good resources to fill the space. If you need help, look at the example buildings in the town or the links in the Architecture section above. Storage, farms and crafting areas can be made underground in tiers of basements if you want, as long as the surface building looks nice we won't mind.

Please don't build narrow towers or too tall (over 25 meters above the ground), which is usually 4 stories.

Ugly buildings will be removed! (after a warning, and offers to help you improve it. )

prison Security

Raiders will always be looking for any gaps in our defences. To avoid having your stuff stolen follow these steps:

  • Use iron doors with buttons, not pressure plates, on the outside.
  • As any fule kno, intruders can get in through openings in the roof and walls with Ender Pearls, especially while your house is still being built.
  • Block up any tunnels or caverns that might enter your basement.
  • Place your chests in a vault room, also with an iron door.
  • Lock important chests, ideally all of them for super safety.
  • Try to sell valuable items sooner rather than hording them for along time.
  • Do not build a Nether Portal - there will be a town one and residents' portals interfere with its teleport.