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Laws and Citizenship






Laws and Advice


paper Advice

  • Buy a plot in the safety of the town, don't build in the wilderness
  • If you find an extensive cave/cavern under your plot notify the mayor or assistants and block it up.
  • Know and help your neighbours.
  • More information on building and security

book Laws of Empyrean

  • Follow the server rules.
  • Do not steal from other members of the town.
  • Do not kill any members of the town unless they agree to it.
  • Do not let any outsiders in to other players' homes or sensitive areas of the town.
  • You may only alter your own plot. Do not grief other citizens' plots or the town itself.
  • Do not build Nether Portals in or near the town.
  • Listen to and respect the Lord Mayor and his assistant Stewards.
  • Respect the town's theme and architecture guidelines.


book Protocol in the Embassy Sector

  • The Embassy Sector is open to outsiders and Ambassadors through the HUB portal and wilderness, entry is at your own risk.
  • Do not go there with anything you don't want to lose.
  • In the Embassy Sector do not attack other town's Ambassadors without their permission.
  • If you are not sure who someone is in the Embassy Sector, try to ask them. Do not attack first unless they are a known raider or they attack you.
  • Only residents (not ambassadors) should be in the Main Town, so treat anyone else as an outsider and potential raider.



prison Anti-Citizen behaviour will be punished according to the severity of the crime:

  • Verbal warning
  • Paying amercement (a fine) to the Mayor and/or compensation payments to victims
  • Sesuire of assets
  • Expulsion from Empyrean
  • Being labeled as an enemy of Empyrean and killed on sight by any of our members.
  • Violating server rules will be dealt with by server admin, possibly leading to a kick or ban.



tax Daily Tax

Each serf will be charged 1% of their money every 24 hours to help with upkeep. This allows richer citizens to contribute more.

plots Plot Tax

Each plot a Freeman has requires its owner to pay Bodel Silver of 1,000 Drachs per day (24 hours).

We also welcome drach donations to the town bank by using /town deposit.



To join Empyrean please fill out the:

paper Application Form

If you have the skills we need, the Mayor will message you in-game when you are online. Please read through all the laws and information about Empyrean on this site before appling.

paper You should:

  • Understand the basics of Minecraft and the Nox server.
  • Have at least a few 1,000 Drachs to prove you can pay taxes; ideally 10,000 to buy a house.
  • Be able to continue earning money to pay taxes once you join.
  • Be active at least a weekly.


paper You shouldn't:

  • Have a history of bans from the server.
  • Be using a shared account or allow your account to be accessed by another player.