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Citizens can use whatever means (within the server rules) they want to make money, allowing taxes to be paid. However the special protection and facilities of a town lend themselves to several industries that would otherwise be difficult in the grief ridden wilderness. Also in Empyrean we would prefer our economy to be based on renewable resources where their production can be sustained indefinetly. Blocks, Items

paper Advice

  • Decide to produce something that matches your MCMMO skills.
  • Check community chests or ask fellow residents if you need/have some resources to trade; it might save you a trip to Nox or down a mineshaft.
  • Use the HUB portal (costs 1,000 drachs) to teleport to the City of Nox for trading.
  • Alternatively set /mark in the City of Nox and use /recall to teleport there to sell stuff. (You'll have to walk or use /kill to get back to Empyrean though)
  • You can pay people using /money pay [Name] [Amount]



The Keep

This great stronghold is the centre of power in Empyrean and acts as our main headquarters.

map iconsword iconprison icon



Industrial Buildings



The dockyard acts as a port for all shipsand a fishing spot




paper Exploring and Fishing:

boat iconBoatsfish iconFishing



Ore Smelter

Houses the town's Lava furnace and several ordinary furnaces.

  • Improving mineshafts with torches and directional signposts is always helpful
  • Sand, Cobblestone, Cacti and Ores can all be smelted to produce more valuable results. Use several furnaces for greater efficiency.
  • Charcoal can be created and used as a fuel, as well as for torches.




paper Ores and Manufacturing:

ore iconOresfurnace iconSmeltingtools iconTools




Our all in one food production facility. Houses wheat, melon and sugar cane farms, an animal breeder for Chickens, Cows, Pigs and Sheep, and a bakery,







Has some crafting tables and big saw for cutting wood! It also hides the animal noises from the barn...

  • Replant trees you fell, it makes other residents' life easier.





paper Forestry and Crafting:

tree iconTreesapple iconAppleswood iconWoodcraft iconCrafting



Stonemason's Lodge

Stores building materials




paper Mining and Construction:

stone iconMiningbrick iconArchitecturesandstone iconDesign



Tower of Science

Our scientists use its many shelves of alchemy ingredients for potion brewing and its great telescope for astronomy.

Decide what potion you want to make, then collect and brew its unique ingredients




paper Potion Brewing:

potion iconIngredientsbrew iconBrewing


Civic Buildings



Empyrean's guards use the barracks to hone their combat skills. The targets and dummies help with practicing aiming technique whilst the ladder towers improve agility and acrobatic skills. Underground is the Combat Pit where fighters can show their fighting skills in arena-like gladatiatorial contests, gaining experience almost like real combat situations.

The safe room stores weapons, ammunition and explosives!



paper Arenas and Combat:

sword iconArenasbow iconMob Huntingarmour iconTrainingtnt iconTNT




Minor Enchanting and Nether portal







Guild Hall

Stores community chests and town building materials. Upstairs is a meeting room and entrance to the Tower of Science.




paper Storage and Trading:

vault iconStorageender iconEnder Chestminecart iconCourieringemerald iconTrade



Inn - 'The Severed Arms'






paper Entertainment:

enchanting iconEnchantingbook iconBooksbook iconBed





Part of the Town Hall Complex




paper Enchanting and Knowledge:

enchanting iconEnchantingbook iconBooksbook iconTutorials




They make Empyrean's streets light at night and during rain or storms.




paper Light:

HUB iconLightlaw iconWeather





Town Hall

HUB Portal






paper Travelling and Administration:

HUB iconHUB Portallaw iconLaw plot iconProperty